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The Hofbräuhaus Chicago (USA) was opened in the spring of 2013. There is room for approx. 1,200 guests in the beer hall. At HB Chicago, the beer is brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516, and for the guests there are all the typical Bavarian dishes from "Wiener Schnitzel" to "Schweinshaxe". That's why this house is visited by many guests every day.

Every day at HB Chicago there is music by "LIVE Bands", which are selected, briefed and supported by DOBA - Musicmanagement. DOBA - Musicmanagement is the exclusive management for HB Chicago and responsible for bringing top entertainment to the Hofbräuhaus every day. DOBA is aware of this responsibility!

In general, the band (duo) plays for 6 - 8 weeks in HB Chicago. But there are also bands that are in Chicago for a longer time. Frequently, TV recordings are made by American television stations in HB Chicago, which of course can use the bands for promotion in Europe.

The moderation is exclusively in English.

You can look a bit off of MC Ed Jacobi!

Ed is in the Hofbräuhaus on Friday and Saturday and is responsible for the

"Steinholding Contests" - Ed Jacobi is a music professor and plays the trumpet.

He assembles and supports the bands at the weekends

in many other areas on site.

Until 20.00 o'clock (dinner time) only folk music is to be played.

A separate set list for the HB Chicago is provided by DOBA-Musicmanagement

made available. Every day at 8 pm, the band must play the American

Anthem (The star spangled banner).

Then only English or Oktoberfest hits should be played!

To be able to perform in the USA, there are some requirements. From the work permit to the preparation of the visa, return flight, on - site support, etc. All this is done or prepared by DOBA Musicmanagement. For DOBA it is very important that the bands feel comfortable during their stay in the USA in order to perform a TOP Performance on the Hofbräuhaus stage on a daily basis.

GM John Papaleo
GM John Papaleo
"Down Town" Chicago
"Down Town" Chicago
Joe & Mike Matuschka
Joe & Mike Matuschka

In Chicago lebt die Band in einem eigenen "Band" -Haus. Für das Catering gibt es ein Catering (organisiert vom General Manager der HB Chicago, John Papaleo) und das Abendessen findet im Hofbräuhaus statt. Auch ein Privatwagen wird von den Besitzern Joe und Mike Matuschka zur Verfügung gestellt!

"How often do you have the opportunity to live for 1-2 months in the USA, to make music and to use in Europe for a perfect promotion ..."!

For more information DOBA Music Management is available at any time.